SDB Academy Training, LLC

Disciplinary Procedures

All reports from referees, opposing coaches, players or parents regarding violations of any of the Codes of Conduct officially filed with SDB Academy will be handled as follows:

1.SDB Academy, at its discretion, may recommend that a player, coach or parent be temporarily suspended from participation in SDB related activities while SDB investigates and contemplates any action.

2.SDB Academy will verify details of the complaint, including interviewing the person or persons who have made the complaint, as well as any witnesses who may have observed the alleged incident.

3. SDB will send a letter to the individual involved, asking for his/her version of the incident. The individual will have seven (7) days to respond in writing to SDB Academy.

4. SDB will determine within fourteen (14) days after receiving a response if disciplinary action should be taken.

5. If the allegation is verified, SDB Academy may recommend that the individual accused be subject to immediate suspension from the club for a period of time to be determined. Based on the nature and severity of the offense, and depending on whether this represents a repeat offense, disciplinary actions may range from:

•Official warning / clarification of expected conduct

•Partial season suspension (1-3 games)

•Full season suspension

•Permanent ban from SDB Academy