SDB Academy Training, LLC


Players who sign up to participate with an SDB Academy program are placed on teams based upon a tryout. Because of this, they assume a "spot" on a team that may not allow another player to participate. Therefore, this Fee Schedule and Refund Policy is in place to protect the player, the team, the coach, and the club.

Upon acceptance of a spot on an SDB team each player will be required to pay a $500.00 Registration Fee that includes the following:

Annual SDB Club Fee: $140.00 per player due at the time of club registration. The annual club fee is non- refundable.

Monthly Club/Coaching Fee Deposit: The monthly club/coaching fee is $125.00 per month paid July-May. The first two months are due at the time of registration and included in the Registration Fee. During the season if fees are paid prior to the 5th of the month they are refundable. Coaching fees paid after the 5th of the month are non-refundable.

Heartland League Fees: The fee for the Heartland fall season is included in the Registration Fee. The league fees for winter and spring leagues will be due and payable when billed. Each player's share is dependent on roster size and all league fees are non-refundable.

Primary Player Card: a $15.50 fee for the primary player card is included in the Registration Fee. If a player double rosters they will be billed separately for the additional carding fee.

Coach/Manager Cards: Each team is required to card two coaches and a manager. The per player cost for the same is incorporated into the Registration Fee.

KPSL League Fee: the Kansas Premier Soccer League is the official Registrar for SDB Academy and charges a per team charge for the Heartland league. Said fee is included in the Registration Fee.

Tournament Fees: The tournaments chosen by a coach are team sanctioned events and it is expected that all rostered players will participate in the tournaments. It is anticipated that each team will participate in 2-3 tournaments both in the fall and spring seasons and potentially a tournament over the winter futsal season. Each rostered player is required to pay their share of the tournament fee(s) regardless if they are able to participate in any specific tournament due to vacation, illness, conflict, etc. Tournament fees vary depending on roster size and are non-refundable unless a tournament is canceled and we are unable to find a substitute event. Tournament fees are due and payable when billed.

Additional League Fees: All fees for futsal, winter outdoor, or other leagues are dependent on roster size and are non-refundable. Each player will be billed separately for any additional league fees and said fees are due when billed.

Uniform Cost: All SDB players are individually responsible for the cost of their SDB kit. All players will be provided a link to order the required SDB kit for the seasonal year through All customized pieces may not be returned and all other returns are subject to the distributor's refund policy. Please exercise care in ordering.

Travel Tournament Fees: Players are responsible for their lodging and transportation costs for all travel tournaments. SDB will coordinate travel logistics for hotels based on the stay to play requirements for most tournaments. In addition, players will be responsible for their pro rata share of the coach's travel expenses including but not limited to the following: per diem, lodging, airfare, rental car, and other related expenses. Travel tournament fees are due and payable when billed.

High School Players: High school players will be charged on a 7-month schedule (Boys July; Nov-May) rather than 11 month schedule. They will NOT be charged for the months they are playing with their high school teams.

Scholarship Players: all scholarship accounts are handled on an individual basis.