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US Soccer National D Coaching License

Richie Lane - Premier Program Coach

Richie Lane hails from Wolverhampton, England where he played for multiple clubs before moving to the U.S to play college soccer. Richie received his B.S. in Kinesiology and will pursue his Masters of Science in Kinesiology at Avila University in 2018.


FIRST TOUCH SOCCER COACHING, Litchfield, England - Program Director

ROSTANCE EDWARDS, Wolverhampton, England - Team coach U7-U10

COERVER COACHING- Completed coaching education programs for elite youth teams


AVILA UNIVERSITY - NAIA, Heart of America Conference. Richie Captained the team his senior year and was a starter for three years. Richie led the team in assists for two years at Avila.

WALSALL WOOD - Midland Alliance Football League Premier Division, Semi-Professional

LITCHFIELD CITY, FC - Midland Combination Premier Division, Semi-Professional

POOL HAYES SECONDARY SCHOOL - Won the league two years in a row

WEST MIDLANDS COUNTY- Selected to represent his county U15's